Sunday Project: Pallet Shelf

We recently had a HUGE yard sale, and purged our house of old “crap” that was laying around taking up space. <Side note: yard sales are a LOT more work than I thought, but the people-watching and interaction was worth it… #crazyyardsalers>

my awesome signs

our yardsale set-up

After the sale, I decided I want to start doing fun DIY projects around the house. But the problem is trying to find the time to do these awesome projects. I can find great ideas on Pinterest, easy, but why cant it magically appear in my house? its just #notfair.

This past Sunday, me and Justin found the time and embarked on our first DIY project together. Suprisingly, we didnt kill one another… and it was really fun!

PROJECT NAME: Pallet Shelf.

I have been wanting to make something out of an old pallet for almost 4 months now. Why has it taken me 4 months to do this project you ask? LAZY; something I have learned about myself recently. I am very lazy…sometimes I waste a entire day doing absolutely nothing. Its actually kind-of embarrassing. :/

First I want to share all the awesome things you can do with pallets:

all found on Pinterest (of course)

DIY   Pallets Pallets Pallets   project this weekend? yes.

.   .   pallett planter

doing      modern pallet table    shabby-chic scrap wood "love" wall art

Pallets are so easy to come by. You can go behind pretty much any shopping center or grocery store and find them…different sizes, colors and condition.

Below is the process of how we made this shelf. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, and I think it turned out GREAT!

A special thanks to Justin for all the help babe…I couldn’t have done it with out you.

The pallet we had was really long, which made for a perfect shelf in our dining room.

This is what the pallet originally looked like:

original pallet

First we had to decide on how big we wanted the shelf to be.

We chose to have it 3 “boards-tall” so we just cut off the section we wanted to use. (see below)

Cut section of the pallet

After we cut the section, we sanded the whole thing down and wiped it off.

The image above would be perfect for a magazine rack, but we wanted to be able to display picture frames and accessories on it.

So we made a last minute decision to cut off the top piece from both ends to make little shelves. (see below)

2 ends cut for shelves

the two ends are shelves & the middle is a magazine/book rack

The piece of wood that we cut, we used for the base of the 2 end shelves, to set pictures on.

We laid the cut piece flat and wedged it in the hole then hammered 2 nails on both front and back side to hold it in.

We were both happy with the way it looked, so next we stained it. We got our stain from HomeDepot.

I wanted a lighter, natural stain, so we bought a 1 quart can of an interior oil-based wood stain: Brand: Minwax. Color: Provincial

1 quart is PLENTY for this project…I have tons left over.

We used a cheap brush to apply the stain. We covered the entire shelf, and let it sit for a few minutes.

I didnt want it to be too dark, so we wiped off the excess stain fairly quickly. (the longer you let it sit, the darker it will be)

After we wiped the excess stain of, we let it sit for a while to air out. Then we hung it.

I was a little too excited to wait…so me and Justin (and the dogs) got a little high off the fumes 🙂

Stained Shelf

Pallet shelf placement on wall

(Please excuse the disgusting mess…we are still recovering from the yardsale)

We used a really heavy-duty anchor/screw combo and drilled it through the pallet into the wall. we used 3 total.

I think they could hold up to 50lbs each. Lets just say, that thing aint coming off the wall any time soon 🙂

Then I filled it with some pretty items

the final project

the final project

Start to Finish

So that’s our first project, The Pallet Shelf.

I hope this inspires you to do something fun of your own!

I will share the outcome of our next pallet shelf, for the bedroom, in its white-wash finish.

Thanks for reading,

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